Whether fine tuning basics or bringing a prop to life, Lasa Anahata Tribal loves to expand your dance opportunities.  Primarily based on American Tribal Style® belly dance, there are a plethora of options available to select from, including unique offerings to engage in general improvisational dance.


Bring your American Tribal Style® costume to life with tips on each element within the traditional costuming, as well as, building your costume pieces by hand.  Whether you are crafty or thrifty or both, there are a number of options available to create custom costume pieces with Lasa Anahata Tribal love!

Dancepam-mirror is an Art

Experience a unique way of internalizing a mix of technique awareness and improvisational tips and tricks to create depth in your dance journey.

Proper Prop Preparation

With a variety of opportunities to expand America Tribal Style® through prop work, Lasa Anahata Tribal takes you from the basics to advanced to prepare you for the optimal presentation of your prop preference!

    Prop options available:


Floor Work



Basic Fun with American Tribal Style® (ATS®)

Get a taste of America Tribal Style® belly dance with an easy going, exciting experience.  Set aside 1 1/2 hours of fun with Lasa Anahata Tribal for a sampling of belly dance moves that are sure to make memories!  Tailored to each audience to create an engaging event.  No experience required.

America Tribal Style® Technique

Group based opportunities to focus on America Tribal Style® technique with hands on, direct and indirect coaching to both elevate your technique and tailor moves to your body.  The class room setting gets you the basics, this focal workshop helps affirm your dance goals!  Start with the foundation and navigate through the advanced at pace appropriate to your journey.  An exceptional team building experience for dance sisters!