Private Lessons

Start your American Tribal Style®

belly dance journey on the quieter side


enhancing your current technique

with Private Lessons

Select from our four available instructors, all ready to help meet your individualized goals.

Private lessons will be taught at the respective homes of the instructors in Chippewa Falls, WI, unless a different location is requested. The private lesson requester will be responsible for any additional costs (e.g., studio rental fees, mileage, and/or travel expense) associated with alternate locations.

How to plan:

While timing is a factor in scheduling a private lesson, a couple of things to consider before you reach out.  You will have the best results if you come with at least an idea of how you would like to use the time.  You may or may not accomplish your goal in one private lesson, so consider meeting your instructor half way through the learning process until it evolves into your goals.

If you have minimal or no experience with our instructors, review each bio and consider who you feel you may resonate with best.  Begin with an open mind and when you can, be clear on your goals early in the lesson for optimal use of time and effectiveness of energy.

Private lesson rate includes 1 hour of engaging dance activities with up to 20 minutes of pre/post discussion.  Arrive, ready to begin, within 5-10 minutes ahead of your agreed upon scheduled time.  Bring your own beverage for hydration and anything else you may need during the session, such as cymbals (zils) or personal health necessities.

Hourly Rate: $50 per person, per hour

Current Lasa Anahata Tribal Student Rate: $35 per person, per hour

Group rate*, split up to 4 ways: $100

*Each instructor has varying options for space, some may not be able to accommodate more than 1 person.

Note: Skype lessons are available for some instructors, rates are the same.

Dana Dachel

Dana Head2014-09-22 22.30.48Each private lesson starts with you!  Dana creates a sense of accomplishment through a thought provoking process with your end goal in mind.  Each session is tailored to bridge a solid foundation of American Tribal Style® belly dance basics with refining your desired dance focus.  Want to start at the beginning, that’s great too! If you wish, you will also be offered a kinesthetic, hands-on approach, with opportunities to explore individualized movement and insights, on the spot.  This is only available live, though if travel or timing is not convenient, Skype lessons are an option, as well.

Skype available and accommodations for up to 4 allowed.  Contact Dana to schedule a private lesson.

Krista Spaeth

Krista at the Cam

Krista’s friendly personality combined with her years of dance experience create the perfect environment for a productive, insightful, yet non-intimidating private lesson. Experienced American Tribal Style® dancers, be prepared with any technique questions or areas of concern that you would like to address. If you do not have any specific requests, we will go through movements beginning with the basics and provide you with plenty of feedback to refine your dance.

Skype and space accommodates one.  Contact Krista to schedule a private lesson.

Rita Simon

Jawahiir_rita_headRita has been teaching ATS® Belly Dance as a FCBD® Sister Studio® since 2010, and continues to be a perpetual student of this dance form. Her focus is helping student dancers put the dance vocabulary and music together to form a dynamic, seamless, and artistic performance. Rita uses drills and personal attention to the student dancer’s technique to help her grow in confidence and proficiency in her dance.
Accommodations for up to 4 allowed. Contact Rita to schedule a private lesson.