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Studio information: Dragonfly Dance & Wellness

consecutive year-round weekly classes, except for holiday weeks

FOUNDATIONS545 5:45-7:00 p.m.
FOUNDATIONS715 7:15-8:30 p.m.

FOUNDATIONS CLASSES – ATS® 16-week sessions (two, eight-week increments)

Learn the basic movement technique and use of finger cymbals (zils) as a foundation of American Tribal Style® belly dance.

$15 Drop in OR $50 per 4-week sessions OR $80 per 8-week sessions

No refunds for attended or pre-paid classes, plan ahead with your schedule to take advantage of the ideal cost savings option.


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*2019 sessions begin January 2nd!

BRING payment for CLASS, cash or check ONLY, to the studio on the first night

The FOUNDATIONS, a 16-week session is a continuous, cyclical class for those who enjoy the fun factor and foundation of belly dance.  There are hundreds of ATS® movements in a vast vocabulary of variations, the Foundations session will prepare for a plethora of dance experience with the beauty of the basics.  Should you be interested in learning more, future sessions will layer embellishments on to the foundations, which remain essential to the practice and study of fine tuning the basics when adding ATS® advanced movements and language dynamics. For your optimal growth opportunity, upon instructor guidance, you will be invited to add on advanced levels over time; typically after two full rounds of  Foundations.

Hungry for more?

The 545 and 715 classes offer a unique curriculum per week, let us know if you are interested in attending both sessions!