Photo By Carrie Meyer - The Dancers Eye


Create a dynamic experience for dancers to engage in – and non-dancers to appreciate – the enigmatic language of American Tribal Style® Belly Dance.


Members of Troupe consist of dancers who are hand-selected for their emulation of the vision of Lasa Anahata Tribal.  Enjoy their stories: they could be yours someday!

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“I love the new physical challenges that come with American Tribal Style® Belly Dance. My past experience is primarily in martial arts as a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. The discipline and fitness required in Tae Kwon Do is also required in dance. I enjoy learning even more ways a body can move. It is much more fun to dance with your sisters than spar with an opponent (fewer bruises too)!”

ATS® dance journey began 2009

Photo by The Dancers Eye/Carrie Meyer

“By casual invite of a friend, I had no idea what opportunity lay ahead of me when I entered my first ATS® level 1 class. This was the perfect time in my life to embrace this dance and all it has to offer. While raising two young children, establishing a more than full time career, and coaching my daughter’s softball team, a little ‘me time’ was the release I needed. At first, I hoped for stress relief, but then I realized I am gaining so much more: sisterhood, exercise, food for my soul, and international connections I never anticipated in my life. The perfectionist in me almost quit; in the end, after significant self-reflection, I realized this was exactly the balance I needed! With my husband’s full support, I’ve discovered parts of my life that will always be with me! A BONUS is connecting with my daughter in new ways and watching her explore a connection to other girls and women through ATS® that has the opportunity to blossom into so much more. “

ATS® dance journey began 2011

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“I took my first class in this dance form on August 2, 2011, as a way to get some ‘me time.’ I had no idea just how much it would change my life. I have a history of anorexia, weighing somewhere between 85 and 100 pounds for most of my adult life. While I no longer starved myself when I started dancing, I still struggled with body image issues. Through this amazing, transformative dance form and incredibly supportive dance community, I have developed a genuine appreciation for the beauty in ALL women. At 85 pounds, I felt that I was too chubby to wear a swimsuit. Now, at more than twice that weight, I bare my belly and dance with pride, passion and pure joy in front of crowds. This dance is a release, a mode of self-expression…it helps me survive the rest of my week. What started as an experimental hobby has now become a passion. I LOVE this dance form!!!”

ATS® dance journey began 2011


“I experience JOY in ALL the facets of ATS® belly dancing! I find JOY in the way my body feels at one with the movements and JOY in the challenge of continually learning and refining the ATS vocabulary.  I find JOY in the group dance, in the intuitive interaction with my partners to create a beautiful moving work of art. I find JOY in the music, the rhythms and instrumentation, the slow and the fast tempos.  I find JOY in the bright colors and textures of the costuming, the fabrics swirling, the jewelry tinkling in synchrony with the music.  I find JOY in teaching other women belly dance, watching their eyes light up as they begin to find the JOY in their own bodies and hearts.”

ATS® dance journey began 2007